Dec 16, 2013

OK-OM DX Contest 2013 Results

The results are here...
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You'll find official results of the OK-OM DX Contest 2013 on the web page:

Each station can print out its award by clicking on the "PDF award" button. The plaques for the winners of each sponsored category will be distributed by begin of the next year together with the plaques for the year 2012. The stations will be alerted by e-mail.

We thank for your participation in the OK-OM DX Contest 2013 and look forward to hearing you next year.

A couple of interesting statistic numbers of the last OK-OM DX Contest:

- 906 station logs evaluated (908 last year)
- 213 952 contacts altogether (200 925 last year) which is 6.5% grow
- 3 logs excluded for missing essential data or large number of errors
- 6 logs arrived after the official deadline
- The most logs were received by web portal, 153 by e-mail, 3 by snail mail
- Although paper logs were officially not allowed, we processed the 3 paper logs and included them in the evaluatio
We hope it was for the last time.
- There were almost no formal errors in the logs sent via web portal.
- Some formal errors occurred in the 86 logs sent by e-mail.
- Statistics about logging software used in the contest: N1MM 299 logs 33%, TR4W 190 (21), WinTest 95 (10),
UCXLog  53 (6), 5Mcontest 42 (5), AATest 38 (4) and 10 other logging programs used by less than 15 participants.

and probably the youngest operator in contest..
School club station UD3D, OPERATOR: Evstegneeva Irina,  2001 of birth, R3D-88

OK-OM DX Contest director

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